Wednesday, October 1, 2014

€99 Fixed Blades: The Slim Boot Knife

Nothing like being sick at home with a cold to give you the time to get some website work done!

The overall length of this knife is 200mm but I came up with a real name: The Slim Boot Knife. ;-) It's also a design prototype that I have been kicking around for a while. These knives are finished in what you might call User Grade. The hollow grinds are finished with a belt and not with hours of hand sanding. These are knives made to use at a price that won't wipe out your saving.

These knives are hand ground from German BECUT stainless steel which I have used extensively for years. Here is the composition of Becut:

Becut Stainless at HRC58-59
C 0,72   Si 0,55   Mn 0,45   Cr 14,5   Mo 1,90   V 0,60   Nb 0,80 

So much for the steel, now here's the specs on the knife.

Overall length: 200mm Blade: 90mm / approx. 75mm sharpened Becut thickness: 4.3mm
Blade Height: 28mm
Finish: Flats Tumble Polished, hollow grind belt-satin finished
Grips: Black Coarse Textured G10, 14mm thick, 8mm Lanyard Hole
Grips: Layered G10 (Black/Orange or Black/Coyote), 16.4mm thick, 8mm Lanyard Hole

The Black G10 grips are thinner and less rounded than the layered grips. Here's a pic to show you what I mean:

Knife only, no Sheath: €117.81 for EU sales (€99 for sales shipping outside the EU)
Shipping extra: €7 within Germany, €12.50 to Most of the Rest of the World

NOTE: Each knife comes with a Wilkins Knives Soft PVC Logo patch and a hand-braided Lanyard!

Want one? Send me mail:

Here they are!:

(Pics above) Black Coarse Textured G10 Grip

(Pics above) Black and Orange Layered G10 Grip

(Pics above) Black and Coyote Layered G10 Grip