Tuesday, July 29, 2014

New Fixed Blade: Mytuko Major 2014

Well, it's kind of new! This is the newest version of the Mytuko Major I did several years back that have been sold out. I made quite few changes based on my own ideas and customer feedback.

These knives are designed as a robust all purpose field knife that still works well in the camp or holiday kitchen.

What's Different?

1. I eliminated the large lanyard ring and redesigned the grip to better fit the hand. I did retain a 6mm lanyard hole.

2. Blade profile has been refined for better performance but the main thing is the new, duplex grind. The left side is flat ground while the right side has a deep hollow grind. These first prototype blades are hand ground by me in my shop, they are not machine ground. The final edge is about 0.4mm before sharpening which gives good cutting performance while being robust enough for field use. The grind on these knives is most suited for right handed users.

Please keep in mind, the pics show the same knife, the blade has a Duplex Grind!

ONLY one knife with sheath left in stock, blade is marked with my logo on one side and "design prototype" on the other side.


Steel: German 1.2379 High Carbon Tool Steel, very similar to ANSI D2, HRC 60-61, professionally heat treated and with a proper cryogenic cycle, stock thickness: 4.4 mm
Finish: Acid Washed and Tumbled Matt Grey; Hollow Grind belt satin finished. These knives have a field grade, user finish designed to incorporate the patina they may develop with use.
Length: Overall: 220mm Blade: 105mm Thickness across the grips: approx. 15mm
Grips: Black Micarta

SOLD OUT! I have a new, machine ground production version of this knife ready to ship. The new knives are called the Mytuko Cobalt and are ground from cobalt alloyed stainless steel. See my main website of elsewhere on this blog for details!!