Sunday, March 25, 2012

New Grips for Mini Thorn Tactical Series

I have two new Grips colors in stock for the Mini Thorn Tactical series. First up is Pale Orange Translucent acetate. You can see through the grips! They look like Gummi Bears. Just don't use acetone to clean these .... acetate does NOT like acetone. Also don't eat 'em! They look like Gummi Bears but they taste like plastic.

To celebrate finally buying a membership on the USN Forum: Toxic Green acetate grips! Both Pale Orange and Toxic Green feature milled grooves for added traction. Acetate is very grippy – it's the stuff glasses frames are made of – and sort of self polishing. It's not very heat resistant so don't leave these grips in the oven.

Price on these knives remains €124.95 (€105 for non-EU sales) plus shipping which is €7 for Germany and €10 for most of the Rest of the World. Ask when ordering for your exact shipping costs.

Supplies on both of these are very limited. Depending on customer reaction, I may be able to obtain more of these materials ... or maybe not. Currently I am only able to offer the grips installed on a new knife. In the future I hope to offer the grips alone to allow knife owners to swap out their grips as desired.

Get 'em while they're fresh!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Monday, Monday

I appreciate the fantastic response to the WilkinsGRIP BMGx2 gripsets I put up for sale last Friday. Wow!

I still have several gripsets in Pale Green and Lemon G11. Both colors are partially translucent - making them a real pain to take photos of! - but really nice in person. Anyone looking to get a pair of those, shoot me an email.

I am also working on a limited edition of WilkinsGRIP BMGx2 grips in a new Steampunk design. These are going to be real Wild, Wild West! These will have interesting inlays made of Acetate and enable the user to look into the inside of the knife. I will be posting pics, prices and more info as soon as they're ready. I expect that to be next week!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Ryback Bushcrafter Orange with Kydex Sheath

I have one only Ryback Bushcrafter Orange G10 Grips with matching custom made Kydex sheath. The sheath is fitted with a Spyderco Gclip. The package comes complete as show PLUS a Helikon molle Pouch AND a Fire Steel 2.0 and of course, a Wilkins Soft PVC Logo Patch. SOLD Thanks to Tom B.!

Drop me an email if you're interested! I don't expect to be making any more orange grips in the near future, I am considering offering these Kydex sheaths.

WilkinsGRIP BMGx2 Gripsets in Stock!

I finished up a batch of grips for the large Griptilians ... I have WilkinsGRIP BMGx2 gripsets in stock in:

SOLD OUT Medium Textured Ranger Green G10 SOLD OUT
• Smooth Translucent Pale Green G11
• Smooth Translucent Lemon Yellow G11

These gripsets are €142.80 (€120 non-EU sales) each
plus shipping ( €7 Germany, €10 USA, EU and most other countries)

Drop me a line if you'd like a pair ( or 2)!

Here's the new Lemon G11

Saturday, March 10, 2012

First Look: Mytuko Mini Lemon & Lime

Here are two prototypes of the restyled Mytuko Mini. Both of these knives have matt, stonewashed 1.4116 stainless steel blades (4mm thick) and G11 glass fiber grips. The grips are easily removable for cleaning or Paracord wrapping if desired.

The first knife up is the Mytuko Mini Lemon. It features pale, lemon yellow grips with three grooves. These knives measure 13.9mm across the grips. This prototype (so marked on the back of the blade) is for sale at €130.90 (€110 non EU sales). One knife only! The regular production Mytuko Mini Lemons have different markings and a less aggressive stonewashing.

The second knife is the Mytuko Mini Lime. It features pale, lime green grips with three grooves. These knives are slimmer, measuring 11.8mm across the grips. This prototype (so marked on the back of the blade) is for sale at €130.90 (€110 non EU sales). One knife only! The regular production Mytuko Mini Limes have different markings and a less aggressive stonewashing.

Bushcrafter Lemon G11

Here's a first look at the Ryback Bushcrafter with the new Lemon G11 translucent grips. This stuff has a lot of glass in it and a pale, lemon yellow color. These knives are in stock for immediate sale at €139 (€116.81 non-EU sales). The grips are slightly thinner than the usual grips on the Bushcrafter. This version measures 13.5mm across the grip. I have multiple examples in stock and ready to go.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday Update

I've gotten a lot finished this week! As soon as the pics are ready, I will be selling the new Mytuko Minis!

The Htevolutions with pale green G11 grips are in stock and ready to ship, pics are in the work. The price is the same as the Htevolutions with black Micarta grips.

As I finished up some things earlier than expected, I'm working on a new run of WilkinsGRIP BMGx2 gripsets for the large Griptilians. I expect to post those for sale in about a week!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tuesday Update

I know I haven't been posting much in the last weeks but I have been working on a lot of product!

I now have WilkinsGRIP BMGmini grips in stock in smooth black G10.

I have updated the in stock page of my website to finally show the great Kydex Slip Sheaths I have for the Mini Thorn Tactical series. I also have Spyderco Gclips which perfectly fit these sheaths if you want to belt carry the knife.

I will be offering all future Kydex sheaths to fit the Gclip. Spyderco's product is very compact while still allowing the knife to be carried on a belt that is up to 42mm wide. The hole pattern on the Gclip is the same as for the Mini Teklock (1" center to center) so it is very useful all around the carry game.

I have the last of the Mytuko Minis ready as well. I will be putting these up for sale as soon as te pics are done. There are two versions: Lemon and Lime.

The Ryback Bushcrafter family also has a new member: The Bushcrafter Lemon.

And last but not least, I am finishing a new run of HTevolutions with pale green G11 grips!

I addition to all that, I am in production with both the Military Utility knife AND the Steak Out Crossover. I should have the first examples of the Military for sale in early April.

I've also been looking at new shop spaces but so far, nothing has worked out.