Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Mini Thorn Tactical with Titanium Grips

I've been getting back into machining by making titanium grips and these are for the Mini Thorn Tactical fixed blades.

I have these in stock either matt blasted and stone washed or matt blasted, stone washed and flame anodized machined from 4mm titanium.

I am running out of this model, so if you've been thinking about getting one, now's the time. All Mini Thorn Tacticals now come complete with a kydex sheath and grips. Each knife also includes a ball neck chain and lanyard and of course one of my PVC Glow in the Dark velcro patches.

Price per knife with sheath and accessories as stated above: €168.98 for EU sales (€142 for sales shipping outside the European Union)
Shipping: €7 inside Germany, €10 to Most of the Rest of the World

Drop me an email if you'd like a knife!

I also have a good selection of Mini Thorn Tacticals in stock with other types of grips, see the in stock page of my website for pics and details.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Steakout! Knives with Titanium Grips

I finished up a small batch of Steakouts! with machined titanium grips. You can have your choice between natural Ti with a satin finish or Flame Anodized with various shades of gold, purple and dark blue.

A handmade leather slip sheath is optional. The sheath has a snap keeper strap, it does not have any type of loop for belt carry.

Knife alone, €142.80 (€120 for sales shipping outside the European Union)
Knife & Sheath, €184.45 (€155 for sales shipping outside the European Union)

Shipping: €7 inside Germany, €10 to most of the Rest of the World
Buyers outside the EU do not have to pay 19% German VAT.

Price is the same for satin finished or Flame Anodized grips!


Contacting me... and such

Please use email to reach me. I do not have the time to try and respond to comments on Google and God knows where and I am not currently using Facebook to sell knives. I may at some point decide to set up a Facebook presence to market my knives, but if I do, it will stay seperate from my personal area there. I want to try and keep business and private life separated as far as possible.

Also, please understand that I DO NOT have any production plan. I don't know what I will do next and cannot respond to questions along these lines. Things usually change ten times before I actually get anything done and I am tired of folks getting angy with me because I didn't keep "the schedule." If you see something on the in stock page of my website you'd like please try and buy it asap. Things sell out and then they're gone. Some come back; some don't.

If it's NOT on the in stock page, I don't have it to sell. Believe me, what I got, I wanna move. But if I don't got it, I don't got it. I'm not going to start taking peoples money for stuff I don't have and may not make again.

When I know what I will make, I will post info on this blog, so sign up to be a follower and stay In the Know. ;-)

Which reminds me, I am ALMOST FINISHED with titanium grips for the Mini Thorn Tactical Knife and SHOULD have those up for sale by end of the week! I will only be selling complete knives in the future, no more extra grips for knives. The Mini Thorn Tactical is almost sold out...

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Getting the Worksop back in Operation

I'm getting the shop back up and running after being closed for basically two months while renovating the apartment where I live. What a job that turned out to be!

First thing I did was get the two most important machines in the shop cleaned up and running:

1: The Expresso Machine!!

2: The CNC Milling Machine!!

I will be offering a NEW version of the Steak Out! Knife in the next couple of days ... as soon as I get some pics done. These have TITANIUM grips!