Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Another Update...

Workshop Move
I have been working like mad to get the electrical system planned out and all the outlets onto the walls and as much more of the electrical installation as I am allowed to do myself finished. A licensed electrician must do all the wiring and hook everything up to the breaker box. I will have 100A coming into the shop so that will be more than enough juice. Most machines run on 3-phase power too. So far I've gone through almost 200 of those plastic inserts you screw things onto the wall with and several masonery bits...

The main cucuit breaker box hasn't even been connected up by the building's electrician yet, so I am still waiting on that too. Also the new bathroom still lacks tile, fixtures and water...

I am hoping to start moving packed boxes and workbenches next week, but with all of the workers constantly coming and going all day, I can't yet lock up the shop. There isn't enough space in the old workshop to move the big machines and hoist them through the window untill all the smaller crap is moved and out of the old shop.

In short: I'm loosing my mind.

Orders and Email
I am still trying my best to ship orders asap from stock. I will not be making anything new until April at the earliest. Despite my best efforts, it may take a few extra days to get your order to the Post or answer email, so please be patient. I do not yet know what I may make next or even in the future.The move is costing quite a bit more money than I had planned, so I am going to have to make a real effort to increase my production and bring out some new knives. I do hope (and pray) to finally be able to bring out a semi-production folder in 2014. A lot will depend on how much cash is left after the move to finance the project.

Increase in Standard Shipping Prices as of March 1st 2014
I have been shipping packages to the USA, Canada and many other destinations for a €10 flatrate for a long time. On most shipments I loose a little money, however over the years everything from postage to all the packing materials have gotten more expensive. It also takes a great deal of time to pack and ship orders.

The GOOD News: Recently the USPS, Canadian Post and German Post have actually begun communicating with each other and it is now possible to us the German Post Registered Letter tracking number directly on the websites of the USPS and Canadian Post to track your order.Obviously, this is a big plus for Buyers in the USA and Canada. I will now be sending US and Canadian buyers the tracking number if requested so they can watch out for their package.

The Not So Good News: As on 1st March 2014 I will be increasing my Flatrate Standard Shipping charge from €10 to €12.50. This is the only way I can avoid simply increasing the prices for my products -- which  I want to avoid.

I have been talking to UPS about shipping all of my packages through them in the future, but it looks like this will end up costing a lot more than €12.50, so I am going to have to think that over hard.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

New Workshop Update

Well, things are coming along!
Tomorrow a friend will be mounting the LED lighting on the ceiling and I will be holding the ladder! (I'm not good on ladders.) The house electrician isn't quite done and the guys were starting to lay the tile today in the bath and kitchen – you can kind of see the doors to them in the top pic.

I have to install the electric system downstream from the fusebox at my cost and the first quote there was over $10,000 so I will be needing to make a few cuts. I wonder if I can run the Haas maschines on AA batteries? Anybody know? They did a great job on the new floor though, if all else fails, I will start a dance studio. I do have to hand it to my landlord: they have really held up their end of the bargain and then some. Those new windows and doors in the back are  high security products and very resistant to break-ins and must have cost a fortune.

I am already starting to pack stuff up in the old shop and am throwing out as much old crap as possible. Amazing the stuff you end up with after 10 years in one place.

I do know that within one month of the move, I will need every single damn thing I have thrown out and have to go out and buy it all over again...