Sunday, September 30, 2012

Hand-Braided Lanyards

I finally located a vendor for hand-braided Paracord Lanyards of excellent quality. Colors are Black and Foliage Green, each with a black plastic bead which is easily replacable with one of your own if desired.

Lanyards may also be purchased individually for €7.14 each ( €6.00 for sales shipping outside the European Union) Please note that I have a €20 minimum order exclusive of VAT and shipping.

Here's a couple of pics. Price is obviously just for the lanyard, other items in the pics are for decoration only and are sold separately.

NEW PVC Logo Patches

The initial runs of my PVC Logo Patches are just about sold out. I only have a few Foliage Green left .... soooo I designed a totally new version.

This one is also Glow in the Dark!

Size is 40mm in diameter, velcro backed. Basic color is black, while the ring behind the type is Coyote Tan. The "W" Logo, box and circle will glow in the dark after being exposed to a strong light.

I will be including one of these free with any purchase of a knife or WilkinsGRIP gripset.

Price to purchase alone is €5.95 each (€5 for sales shipping outside the European Union), please note that I have a minimum order of €20 excluding VAT and shipping.

Here's a pic!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

WilkinsGRIP BMGx2 gripsets are NOW ready!

Looks like I will have the BMGx2 gripsets for Benchmade's Large (regular) Griptilian series folders done by end of the week / beginning of next week in the following colors:

  • Smooth Orange G10
  • Medium Textured Ranger Green G10
  • Medium Textured Black G10, some with Blood Red spaces and some with Black spacers
Prices remain unchanged: €142.80 (€120 for sales shipping outside the European Union)
€7 shipping inside Germany, €10 to most of the rest of the World

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Saturday Update

Looks like I will be doing some more WilkinsGRIP BMGx2 gripsets next week!

Colors planned are Orange, Ranger Green and Black, all in G10 FR4.

I will post 'em when I get 'em done!

The last batch of Minis are going fast. I do plan on doing some more grips but please understand, I do NOT have a production plan I can consult and provide dates and times. I don't have the resources to buy the material that far ahead and my plans change weekly.

When I'm PRETTY SURE about what I'll be making, I will post the info here. If you send me an email asking when I will have something, the answer will always be "I dunno."