Saturday, June 30, 2012

Getting' The Ti Grips done!

If all keeps going well - ha ha ha - I should have the run of BMGx2 Titanium grips ready for sale by the end of next week! I will post 'em as soon as I get 'em done!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Titanium WilkinsGRIPs are coming

I've started work on some WilkinsGRIP BMG x2 Gripsets in Titanium for the large Griptilians. I hope to have these done in the next couple of weeks. I've just begun machining the material flat and to size, so hopefully all will go well! I just got in almost $600 worth of carbide cutters, so that should do it!

I expect the price will be €202.30 (€170 for non-EU sales) per gripset same as the Steampunk series.

Some will be finished in tumble polished, matt Grey Ghost finish and I will also be able to fire anodize as requested at time of purchase.

The Leafstorm and Parforce folders are still in the works too!

Steakout! News: I have Steakout! knives in stock with grips machined from the same Havanna acetate used on the Steampunk grips ... price is the same as for the other Steakout! knives. I will post pics asap... but you can order now anyway.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

New Grip Colors for the Basic Military Field Knife

Finally got 2 new versions of the Basic Military Field Knife ready to ship. Specs and prices are the same as for the other Basic Military Field Knives shown below. (Scroll down a few posts to see 'em all.)

First up is Jet Black Micarta. I lucked into a small lot of old school, really black linen Micarta and am using the entire batch for these knives. This stuff is nice and grippy and is really black, not grey black like some Micarta on the market today. Once these are gone, they're gone, I can't get anymore of this Micarta.

Next up is Black & White Layered Melamine paper laminate. I love the way this stuff looks and have used it for Ryback Series 2 grips as well as a few WilkinsGRIP sets.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I'm back!

I was away the last couple of weeks visiting my family in the USA for the first time in three years. Sorry for the sporadic replies to the hundreds of email I received during that time. What's the point of a vacation if all you do is work?

But now I'm back and have hopefully answered all outstanding questions.

New enquires will be answered quickly.

I will be making more Basic Military Knives as soon as I have the material for the grips. I'm also trying to purchase G10/G11 for more WilkinsGRIP products. Some orange G10 is on the way to me now.

More News as it developes!