Monday, September 29, 2014

€99 Euro Fixed Blades: M200 Boot Knife Prototype

I told you I'd been busy! Fixed Blade, Fixed Price: €99*

I'm calling this one the M200 Boot Knife because the overall length is 200mm and I'm running out of names. ;-) In any case, it's a design prototype that I have had around for several years. I think I have it figured out, but I cannot decide if I want to do a run of these or not.

Certainly the BECUT stainless steel used in these few hand ground examples is one of the toughest steels on the market for cutlery. Years back I was introduced to Becut by a local manufacturer of machine knives.  Becut dominates that market for high quality knives used in industrial food processing machines. The Niobium alloy was developed and patented by Bestar Steel in Germany specially for such applications where sharpness, edge-holding, toughness and stain resistance are very important. I was one of the first users of this steel for hand held cutlery and have sold hundreds of knives made from it to customers all over the world. So far, everybody is happy.

Here is the composition of Becut:

Becut Stainless at HRC58-59
C 0,72   Si 0,55   Mn 0,45   Cr 14,5   Mo 1,90   V 0,60   Nb 0,80 

So much for the steel, now here's the lowdown on the knife.

Overall length: 200mm Blade: 80mm Becut thickness: 4.6mm
Finish: Hot Rolled Flats left rough and Tumble Polished, hollow grind belt-satin finished
Grips: Black Micarta, 16mm thick, 6mm Lanyard Hole

Knife only, Now Includes a Leather Sheath: €117.81 for EU sales (€99 for sales shipping outside the EU)
Shipping extra: €7 within Germany, €12.50 to Most of the Rest of the World

NOTE: Each knife comes with a Wilkins Knives Soft PVC Logo patch and a hand-braided Lanyard!

Want one? Send me mail:

*For sales shipping outside the European Union, EU buyers must add 19% German sales tax.