Tuesday, November 29, 2011

WilkinsGRIP BMGmini Pale Olive G11: A First for Blog Readers

I finished 5 pair of Wilkins GRIP BMGmini grips today and am offering these to readers of my blog first ... I just wanna see who's reading this thing!

Evidently a lot of folks are reading, these are SOLD OUT!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Kydex Sheaths for all HTevolution Knives

I now have Kydex belt sheaths in stock for all HTevolution fixed blade knives.

These may be ordered with a new HTevolution or if you've already purchased a HTevolution, you can now order a sheath without having to send in your knife for a fitting.

Thanks to the fact that blades and grips are precision milled and ground, buyers of sheaths can be assured of a precise fit without any adjustment.

For a limited time, each sheath comes complete with an Original, old-school made-in-USA Tek-Lok belt adapter.

I have sheaths in stock in Black or Flame orange Kydex.

Price for the sheath alone is €55 (€46.22 non-EU sales)
plus €7 for shipping in Germany or €10 shipping to all other EU countries, Switzerland, the USA or Canada.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Damasteel Gysinge Mytuko Minis in Stock

I have two Mytuko Mini HGs hand ground from 3mm Damasteel Gysinge PM stainless Damascus steel ready to ship. The knives have grips machined from a new, custom made glass fiber laminate called Longlite.

This material is very similar to G10 except that after exposure to light, it will glow in the dark for up to 12 hours. Unlike some othr glow in the dark products, Longlite is every bit as hard as G10 and just as durable. In daylight it's very similar in color to pale green G10. I'll try and get an evening pic done asap to show how it looks glowing!

These knives fit the standard Mytuko Mini slip sheaths, which I also have in stock.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Monday Update

Well, the CNC mill is back up and running. The local Haas Tech came round, checked everything out again and installed a brand new 320V Power Supply.

I hope to God this will be the last trouble for a while. In retrospect I should have had him install a new Power Supply right away when the old one failed instead of independently trying to have the old one repaired. In the end that cost me a lot of downtime and money.

Live and learn.

I hope to have another large Ghost Dog Folder and a couple of Leafstorms ready before Christmas. The Leafstorms will have M2 HSS steel blades at around HRC 63-64.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Special Price on HTevolutions with Bocote Grips

Seeing as how fixing my CNC mill is costing a ton of money, I've decided to reduce the price on HTevolution fixed blades with Bocote Wood grips from €199 to €169. I don't know how long I'll do this ... I have several HTevolutions in stock for immediate shipment, once they're gone that will certainly be the end of the sale but I may end it earlier if I win Lotto or find a shoebox full of cash I forgot I had.

I now have Kydex belt sheaths for all HTevolution knives in stock for immediate delivery!! Price per sheath is €55 (€46,22 non-EU sales) and the first batch includes an old style large Made-in-USA Tek-Lok.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Another Leafstorm VI in stock

Got this little guy ready go yesterday. The blade is hand ground from 3mm Damasteel powder metal stainless Damascus from Sweden. This is a special pattern called Gysinge and it does look good... hopefully Damasteel will make it on a regular basis.

The grips are stoneswahed and heat colored dark bronze with matching Ti pivot collar and screws. The spacer is made from G11 that matches the grips.

Clip is TiAlN coated and I'm including an extra stonewashed clip too. (Anybody who owns any of my folders fitted with one of these clips can always receive an replacement from me for a nominal charge.)