Sunday, July 31, 2011


The Leafstorm with the Bocote overlay is sold!

I expect to have the first pair of Leafstorms with S30V blades up next weekend... let's see if I make it!

Last 2 Damascus Leafstorm VIs

... at least for a while. Just finished both on Friday and I still have to sharpen 'em! More info etc on my main website.

First knife up has a beautiful 4.1mm blade ground from carbon Damascus made by Norbert Bahl in Germany. The thumb hole does not go all the way through the blade. The grip overlay is Bocote wood; the spacer brown Micarta and the clip is TiAlN coated. This one is SOLD! Thank you that was FAST!

Next up is a Leafstorm VI with a 3.2mm laminated carbon tool steel damascus blade. The titanium grips are fire anodized bronze to blue as indicated in the pics. The Bark mammoth ivory overlay is really beautiful. As most of you know, the prices for premium mammoth have really risen in the last year. A black G10 spacer and matt stonewashed stainless clip finish off this unique little folder. Price is € 737.80 (€620 for non-EU sales).

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Last 2 Leafstorms are sold

Thanks for all the email, looks like both the last 2 posted Leafstorms are sold! One is already out the door and the second will be as soon as the funds arrive. I should have 1-2 more Leafstorms ready next week. Those will be the last 2 with laminated Damascus blades. Once that steel is gone it's gone for good.

Good news is... I brought several CPM s30V Leafstorm blades to the heat treater's on Monday. They should be ready mid-next week. So there will be some S30V bladed Leafstorms ready very soon too.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Next up...

...another Leafstorm VI with 3.15mm laminated carbon Damascus blade and all 2.6mm titanium construction. Grips are 2-tone blue / bronze anodized with a distressed stonewahing. This is a very durable finish that hides a lot of normal wear and tear. he clip is stainless spring steel with a TiAlN coating. Spacer is pale green G11 with the new single sided lanyard hole. SOLD

Here come those Leafstorms I promised

First up is a Leafstorm VI with laminated carbon toolsteel Damascus blade. Steel is 3.15mm thick. The grips are 6Al4V titanium fire anodized (mostly blue) with matching custom turned pivot collar. The lock side has a stonewashed matt stainless clip and the other other grip has an overlay made from interior tusk mammoth ivory. Natural color is light coffee with dark sprinkles. SOLD

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

2 More Leafstorms coming up

I expect to have the next 2 Leafstorm folders reaedy by end of the week. The first one is done, just need to do the pics. That knife has a laminated damascus blade and Mammoth ivory overlay on one side. Price will be €654.50 (€550 for non-EU sales).

The second knife also has a laminated damascus blade and and distressed 2tone anodized grips. No overlays and a TiAlN anodized clip. Price on that one will be €595 (€500 for non-EU sales).

Now I gotta go finish grinding and etching that blade!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Those Leafstorms sold quickly

The two Leafstorm folders below are sold. That was fast! Many thanks for the great response, I sure appreciate it.

I have a couple more of the laminated blades ready and will be finishing up some Leafstorms with those in the coming week.

Next up will be a few with S30V blades, I hope to get the blades in for heat trating next week too.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

New Leafstorms for Sale!


I'm calling the first knife a Leafstorm V.5. The blade is a version 5 ground from Balbach random carbon Damascus. The grips and spacer are version 6 with an integral lanyard hole passing through only one grip scale to avoid problems with the pocket clip.

The V.5 knife is shown above and a Leafstorm VI below. The differences in blade profile are evident in the pic.

Now a couple more pics of the Leafstorm V.5. The knife has an orange G10 spacer, stonewashed stainless clip and the grips are fire anodized, mostly bronze but fading out to blue / purple toward the spacer.

Next up is the very first Leafstorm VI. The new version features an integral lanyard hole, pale green G11 spacer as well as a slightly re-profiled blade. I wanted a tad more cutting edge. This blade is made from laminated Damascus forged from 3 types of carbon tool steel. 1.2842 (O2), 1,2519 and 75Ni8. In any case, it's a very nice, rustic looking steel that cuts like a champ.

Here's a few more pics of the Leafstorm VI...

I will be finishing some more Leafstorm VI in the coming weeks. A few more with laminated blades as well as some with S30V and M2 HSS blades! Stay tuned to this channel. :-)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

What's the steel plate in the Background?

That's some of what I do when I'm not making knives... that's a 15mm thick steel plate with a 12mm (almost half inch) deep trench milled in it and some counter sunk holes and other goodies. I don't know exactly what it's for myself! I just made it according to the drawing. Always some serious pucker factor watching a 12mm carbide endmill from Ingersoll fly through the steel like it was butter. Noisy though. With my "little" Haas mill I cannot come close to reaching the speed these cutter are capable of ... still, I ain't complaining!

Mytuko Major in Hand pics

I had a request for a few quick photos of the Mytuko Major in a hand to show the size relation... and here they are. These are just snaps taken in the shop but hopefully the size of the knife will be clear.