Thursday, December 12, 2013

WilkinsGRIP BMG X2 Inlayed Titanium Gripsets

These Inlayed Titanium grips are a new product – the first to celebrate my having been successful in finding a new location for my workshop!

See the Grips in Stock page of my main website to see exactly what I have in stock at any given time.

New Colors! WilkinsGRIP BMGmini Gripsets

I have two new colors available in WilkinsGRIP BMGmini gripsets, both in anodized Alu.

First up is one I'm calling Steely Blue. This is a darker, more subdued blue than the others I have offered and I hope you folks will like it as much as I do. These look great with a spacer in hardcoat Black, Blood Red or Orange.

Next up is a color I'm calling Metallic Turquoise because it's quite pale and the metallic nature of the aluminum showing through the anodizing gives it a kind of iridescent sheen. These look great with an Orange, Blood red or Hardcoat Black spacer.

Both colors are in stock for immediate sale!

Friday, December 6, 2013

WilkinsGRIP BMG X2 Titanium Grips are in Stock!

These are ready to ship with your choice of 1 Alu Spacer, Hardcoat Black, Blood Red, Blue or Hunter Green. Each gripset comes with 10 screws, 5 natural stainless as shwn and 5 black stainless. While supplies last, I am including an Allen Key for the clip screws free (one per order).

Standard finish is Grey Ghost Titanium as shown, however if you prefer Natural Tumble Polished Titanium, let me know when you order, price is the same.

These really came out great!

Price per Gripset (not including the knife!):
€178.50 incl. 19% German VAT for EU orders
€150 for orders shipping outside the European Union
Shipping additional: €10 standard insured airmail to most destinations

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Good News at Thanksgiving Time

What better time to have some Good News than at Thanksgiving?

I have located a new space for my workshop and after some negotiation, the lease is signed! I don't know how many places I looked at, heard about, tried to find out about ... but I only needed one and I'm very happy with the new space. The rent is double what I was paying but the space is larger too. The owners are doing some considerable renovations after which I will be having an electrician run new electric and laying lines for compressed air, painting and whatever else I find money for. The Move should take place in early Spring 2014. I expect I will effectively shut down production for 4-6 weeks around the time of the move. Riggers will move the heavy machines, but I will have a lot of other stuff to pack, sort and try and see what I can throw out.

Obvioulsy, this is a great relief right here before Christmas. I would like to thank everyone who has written and encouraged me over the past months. I really appreciate it!

On the Product Side:
I will have the first WilkinsGRIP BMG X2 Titanium grips ready next week. I will also be introducing a new design variation in Titanium featuring inlays on both sides. These should be ready in another 10 days ... just in time for Christmas! ;-)

I will be posting pics asap!