Monday, April 23, 2012

WilkinsGRIP BMGx2 Steampunk Edition V1

I did this edition of 12 gripsets machined from 5mm brass, blackened and hand polished. Each gripset included five heat-colored stainless screws and a machined, Hardcoat anodized black spacer and a numbered, signed certificate and Wilkins "W" Logo PVC patch.

The grips have a window machined from both sides revealing the interior of the knife. The windows are inlayed with acetate – the same material used for eye glass frames. I had 6 different types of inlays, some  more transparent than others as is apparent from the pics.

The standard pocket clip may be installed if desired, however you may need to bend the clip in a vise to adjust the tension. The clip may also leave marks on the acetate inlay where it makes contact. I suggest leaving the clip off. Do not ever use acetone to clean these grips as it will dissolve the acetate!

These grips were more a design exercise than the pair for "Hard Use" but hey, if you're Captain Nemo you can take them down 20,000 Leagues if you choose. They are heavy enough to help you dive deep fast! Maybe James Cameron needs a set for his next Voyage to the Bottom of the Ocean? ;-)

These are all sold out. Right now I do not plan another run, but who knows what the future holds!

Here are a few pic!

Havana Acetate

Blue Ice Inlay

Pale Yellow Transparent Inlay

This modified product was not manufactured by Benchmade Knife Co., Inc.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Basic Military Field Knives in Stock!

The new Basic Military Field Knife blades are finally laser marked and ready to ship! The integral grips are machined from Black Textured G10 (shown above), Desert Tan Micarta, (Matt Black G10 and pale Green G11 are sold out). The steel is Sandvik's 14C28N which is one of the best all-round stainless cutlery steels in the world. The tang protrudes slightly from the grip so you can beat on stuff.

overall length: 235mm
blade: 110mm (100mm sharpened), 4,1mm thick, blade height 35mm, flat grind, stonewashed finish
grip thickness: 18.5mm, 6mm lanyard hole
weight: 210 - 225 grams (this is a very lightweight knife)

Leather sheaths are available as an option and will fit all the BMFK knives, regadless of the grips.
Price: €196.35 (€165 for buyers outside the European Union)
I think is is a tremendous deal on a knife of this quality.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Saturday Update

I have the first of the NEW Steakout! fixed blades ready for laser marking. I will bring them to the laser guys's on Monday and hope to have them online in another week. They really look nice. These will be fairly inexpensive, somewhere around €100 I hope. I still have to finish adding up all the costs... The first knives will available with grips of Toxic Green or See-Through Orange acetate as well as textured Ranger Green G10. Pics coming soon!

The galvanic folks are right around the corner from the laser marking people and I will be picking up the Steampunk WilkinsGRIPs on monday as well. I still have to do the inlays. I will see when I can get these finished....

... because I also have the first of the Military Fixed Blade back from grinding. The first knives are made from Sandvik 14C28N stainless. I'm finishing the grips for these next week. I hope to be selling knives by end of the month of April or beginning of May.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Mini Thorn Tactical: Ranger Green Back in Stock

I finished up some coarse textured Ranger Green grips for the Mini Thorn Tactical Series today, so these are finally back in stock and ready to ship. The Ranger Green grips may also be purchased serapately!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

On Any Given Sunday...

I have things sorted regarding spare grips for the Mini Thorn Tactical fixed blades. I will now be selling Spare Grips! Grips come in matched pairs - duh - and include the 4 screws and 2 threaded inserts needed to attach them to your knife. You'll need a small Allen wrench or Torx driver to remove and attach the grips scales.

Obviously, be careful not to cut yourself! Tape up the sharp blade before you begin.

Currently I have the following grips in stock for sale:

• Black textured G10: €32.13 for non-EU sales: €27
• Orange Smoth G10: €32.13 for non-EU sales: €27
• Toxic Green Acetate: €32.13 for non-EU sales: €27
• See Through pale Orange Acetate: €32.13 for non-EU sales: €27
• Cocobolo Wood: €45.22 for non-EU sales: €38