Friday, October 31, 2014

Leafstorm Folder in stock!

Finally getting around to making a few Leafstorm folders!

This knife is completely hand made by me in my shop. The double hollow ground blade is made from CPM S30V PM stainless steel with a matt grey tumbled finish, the grips are 6AL4V Titanium, black G10 spacer and stainless clip. This knife has a lanyard opening on one side that exits out the spacer and is suitable for a 4mm paracord lanyard.

The Ti parts are fire anodised to a rich Bronze, so I'm calling this Leafstorm Bronze on Bronze ... who knows, maybe Bob Dylan will buy it? ;-)

Thanks to all who responded, stay tuned for more folders!

Drop me a line if you'd like to purchase this knife!

And thanks to everyone for your support!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Ryback Series 2 Carbon Edition

UPDATE: November 5th
I have the Carbon Rybacks back from laser marking, all I have to do is sharpen them. I will be doing that as they are ordered, so if you have written asking for one, you should be hearing from me in the next couple of days regarding payment. If you'd like one and haven't written, now's the time!

I also have a couple knives that are satin finished and one that has been acid washed matt grey, price for all is the same €99 for non-EU sales and €117.81 for EU orders.


I have had some Ryback Series 2 blanks ground from German 1.2519 Carbon Tool Steel ready to finish for some time. That time has finally come! These are all getting grips of Oiled German Oak which I have used in the past with great success. These are meant as using knives for folks who prefer a carbon steel blade.

2519 is famous for its fine edge and cutting performance. Experienced users know these knives will develop a patina with use and will rust if not cared for properly. God help you if you put one in the dishwasher! But for Carbon devotees, these are the Thing... And at a price you can handle!

I only have a limited number of knives for sale, if you would like one, please per-Order now. No money due until the knives are ready to ship. They are out now being laser marked as shown in the pic and should be ready to go in a week or two.

Send me mail if you want one!

Price per Knife: €117.81 for EU sales (€99 for sales shipping outside the EU)
As always, shipping is extra, €7 inside Germany and €12.50 to most other destinations.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Closeout Sale!: BMG X2 Red G10 Gripsets

I'm closing out the BMG X2 gripsets in Red G10. These are now €119 each for EU sales! (€100 each for sales shipping outside the EU) Shipping as always is extra. Send me mail if you'd like a set, and get 'em now if you want 'em, when they're gone, they're gone for good!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

New BMG X2 WilkinsGRIP Colors!

Finishing up some new WilkinsGRIP BMG X2 grip sets in some new colors and Coarse Black Textured G10 is Back in Stock.

Price per Set: €142.80 for EU Sales (€120 for sales shipping outside the EU)
Shipping extra: €7 inside Germany, €12.50 flat rate for Most of the rest of the World

Your choice of one anodised spacer: Hardcoat Black, Blood Red, Sky Blue or Hunter Green
Black Stainless Screws

Toxic Green G10

Coyote Tan G10

Orange & Black Layered Lava G10
Just in time for Halloween!

and the return of....
Coarse Black Textured G10

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

€99 Fixed Blades: Ryback Bushcrafter Carbon in 1.2519 Carbon Tool Steel

I finished up a couple more of these and decided to include them in the €99 sale.

The Ryback Bushcrafter carbon is a hand ground version of the regular Ryback Bushcrafter I've been selling for several years. The carbon version are made from a very high performance carbon tool steel often used by Smiths in forging high quality Damascus. These knives have a User Grade finish. The hollow grinds are finished with a belt and not with hours of hand sanding and the flats retain their texture from the hot rolling process. These are knives made to use at a price that won't wipe out your saving.

These knives are hand ground from German 1.2519 Carbon Tool Steel. Here is the composition of 1.2519, knives made from this steel are renowned for their fine cutting edge:

1.2519 Tool Steel at HRC59-60
C 1,10   Si 0,25   Mn 0,30   Cr 1,20   V 0,20   1,30 


Overall length: 225mm Blade: 110mm / approx. 100mm sharpened Steel thickness: 4.4mm
Blade Height: 30mm
Finish: Flats retain hot rolled texture, hollow grind belt-satin finished
Grips: Black Medium Textured G10, 15mm thick

If you'd like to order, please send me mail!


€99 Fixed Blades: The Slim Boot Knife

Nothing like being sick at home with a cold to give you the time to get some website work done!

The overall length of this knife is 200mm but I came up with a real name: The Slim Boot Knife. ;-) It's also a design prototype that I have been kicking around for a while. These knives are finished in what you might call User Grade. The hollow grinds are finished with a belt and not with hours of hand sanding. These are knives made to use at a price that won't wipe out your saving.

These knives are hand ground from German BECUT stainless steel which I have used extensively for years. Here is the composition of Becut:

Becut Stainless at HRC58-59
C 0,72   Si 0,55   Mn 0,45   Cr 14,5   Mo 1,90   V 0,60   Nb 0,80 

So much for the steel, now here's the specs on the knife.

Overall length: 200mm Blade: 90mm / approx. 75mm sharpened Becut thickness: 4.3mm
Blade Height: 28mm
Finish: Flats Tumble Polished, hollow grind belt-satin finished
Grips: Black Coarse Textured G10, 14mm thick, 8mm Lanyard Hole
Grips: Layered G10 (Black/Orange or Black/Coyote), 16.4mm thick, 8mm Lanyard Hole

The Black G10 grips are thinner and less rounded than the layered grips. Here's a pic to show you what I mean:

Knife only, no Sheath: €117.81 for EU sales (€99 for sales shipping outside the EU)
Shipping extra: €7 within Germany, €12.50 to Most of the Rest of the World

NOTE: Each knife comes with a Wilkins Knives Soft PVC Logo patch and a hand-braided Lanyard!

Want one? Send me mail:

Here they are!:

(Pics above) Black Coarse Textured G10 Grip

(Pics above) Black and Orange Layered G10 Grip

(Pics above) Black and Coyote Layered G10 Grip