Sunday, June 30, 2013

New Page! WilkinsGRIP User Pics

Notice that new tab at the top of this page? I added a page so that I can show some of the pics I receive from WilkinsGRIP customers from all over the world. Click it and see the first photos!

If you have a set of WilkinsGRIPs, send me a photo or 2 along with your permission to publich the pic here. I won't use your name and will remove the pic anytime you request. I'd like to see how many different configurations are out there!

Basic Military: Desert Tan, Black G10 & Olive Canvas Micarta in Stock

Basic Military Fixed Blades made from Sandvic Stainless are in stock in Desert Tan and Black Linen Micarta, Olive Canvas Micarta, Black G10 and Black & White Layered Melamine. Now how's that for variety? I only have a few knives left with the Black & White Layered Melamine grips and only had enough Olive Canvas Micarta for a few knives in the first place, so if you want one of those, go for it.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

WilkinsGRIP D4 Grips get a website page...

I added a new page to my main website for the new WilkinsGRIP D4 grips. I hope to get a few more new pics up asap. You can see the new page here:

I also plan to do a tutorial to help buyers take apart their knives and manage to get them back together. I need 4 hands for that...

Thursday, June 27, 2013

First Look: WilkinsGRIP D4 Desert Tan G10

Got the first ones done today after all! Here's a few pics. I made one change from the first black Alu run: The edge radius along the bottom and back of the grip is now 3mm instead of the 2mm radius I used previously. I think this makes it easier to open the knife and it is still slightly more hand-filling than the original Spyderco grips.

Anyone wishing to order a set may do so. I should be able to ship the first ones Monday or Tuesday!

WilkinsGRIP D4 Grips in Desert Tan G10 are in the Works

Right now I'm in the middle of making the first run of Desert Tan G10 WilkinsGRIP D4 grips for Spyderco's Delica 4 Series folders. I should have these ready to sell early next week ... with a bit of luck, I'll have the first pics up here this weekend. These will feature black G10 spacers.

I'm planning to sell the D4 G10 gripsets for €113.05 (€95 for sales shipping outside the European Union). I hope I will be able to hold this price for future D4 runs made from G10. I can say for sure, future production runs won't be any cheaper.

I have a new order of G10 getting ready to ship out to me air freight, so there should also be a few new color surprises in all WilkinsGRIP Products coming up this summer.

I'm also hoping to have the funds to purchase titanium sheet for a run of WilkinsGRIP BMGmini grips later this Summer or early Fall.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Ryback Series 2 Closeout Sale

I am finishing up the last batch of Ryback Series 2 Kitchen Knives and when current stock is sold, I will not be making anymore. Buyers love the knives and I have had a substantial number of repeat customers. However I simply do not have the funds and marketing resources needed to produce kitchen cutlery at a price point where I can get the knives into retail stores. Stores want at least a 50% discount and it takes a lot of time and money to promote and advertise the knives in magazines. The big cutlery manufacturers can offer all kinds of sales aids and displays I can only dream of producing.

So it's bye bye kitchen cutlery. Now is the time to get a Ryback Series 2 at a very attractive sale price. See the knives in stock page of my website for details.

I have a few of the Ryback Carbon blanks left and am considering finishing and selling them as well. Another lesson learned: Folks talk about carbon steel kitchen knives a lot but only a very few actually buy carbon steel kitchen knives.

The last of the fantastic Ryback Damascus Knives are still available at a super price too. These knives are made from Balbach DSC Damascus  and cut as good as they look.

Additionally, stocks are running very low on Ryback Bushcrafters. I will not be producing these again in this form at this price.

If anyone would be interested in licensing the Ryback design for larger series production, please contact me! There is a market for these knives if you have the resources to reach it.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Passed the 100,000 Views Mark!

I wanted to say a giant Thank You! to everyone for making this blog such a success. I've now passed the 100,000 views mark which is pretty unbelievable. I do so appreciate everyone's support.

It's not easy running a small ... OK Micro ... manufacturing business and actually managing to make a living with it. Without the support and business from so many folks from every corner of the globe it would not be possible. I have made a real effort to use this blog to keep readers up to date on what I'm making now and planning for the future. It looks like it's working!

Now let's go for the next 100,000 views!

Monday, June 17, 2013

NEW WilkinsGRIP Glowing Logo PVC Patch

Just received these today! My newest Velcro backed soft PVC Patch, just the thing for your pack or jacket.

These WilkinsGRIP Glow-in-the-Dark patches are 40mm x 45mm and the W-Logo and Wilkins type will glow in the dark after being exposed to light.

A patch will be included free with the purchase of every WilkinsGRIP Gripset!
If purchased without a gripset, they cost €6.55 each (€5.50 each for sales shipping outside the European Union). Please note, I have a €20 minimum order excluding VAT and shipping!

Friday, June 14, 2013

New Product: WilkinsGRIP D4 Grips for the Spyderco Delica 4 Series

Here's a first look at my newest product! The WilkinsGRIP D4 gripset designed for the Spyderco Delica 4 Series folding knives.

It took me a while to get these worked out, because as always I did not want to just make a copy the factory grips in another material. I have subtly – and not so subtly – changed the form and shape of the grip to transform the Delica 4 into a different knife. Not that the Delica isn't already a great knife. It is. I just wanted to make it into something a little different! And I think I succeeded.

The WilkinsGRIP D4 is a couple of millimeters longer than the stock Delica 4 and front of the grips has a slightly deeper radius to better insure that the user's hand doesn't slip forward onto the sharp edge. The underside of the grip is now straight and the spine has been totally redesigned to better fill the hand.

In order to allow for the redesign, I also include a new spacer which is CNC machined and incorporates a steel cross pin which engages dual holes in the Spyderco liners. This is very important as the back spring puts a lot of stress on the spacer.

I am including 7 new slot head screws with large head diameters than the stock screws. These are non-standard thread screws and were very difficult to obtain. If the project takes off, I have the option to order custom made Button Head Torx screws with a large head. However, I think the little slot head screws look pretty cool too.

The bad news (sort of) is that the Delica is NOT an easy knife to reassemble. The Griptilians are a piece of cake in comparison. I am strongly considering doing a How-To with pics and perhaps a video. Do not order these grips if you have no idea how to take apart and put a Delica back together. Just a word to the wise. I have a couple of gripsets for sale installed on a new Delica!

Right now I will be selling 12 sets of grips, all Hardcoat Black anodized, machines from 6082-T6 Alu with Dural spacers left in the white. If all goes well, I will be producing the grips in various flavors of G10/G11 as well as other alu colors and titanium.

Oh, and I'm already working on a similar design for the Enduras!

More pics will follow on the weekend!

Price per WilkinsGRIP D4 Gripset including grips, spacer and 7 screws: €130.90 (€110 for sales shipping outside the European Union) plus shipping.

Price per WilkinsGRIP D4 Gripset installed on a NEW Delica 4 including grips, spacer and 7 screws: €202.30 (€170 for sales shipping outside the European Union) plus shipping.

Here's few more pics!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Midweek Update

WilkinsGRIP BMG X2 grips in Flame Orange are just about sold out. I only have a couple of sets left in stock ... so, if you were thinking about getting a set, don't delay as I doubt I will make anymore orange ones for a while.

WilkinsGRIP BMGmini in Flame Orange are also in stock ... in case you'd like a matching set!

I am workig on a new run of grips for the Basic Military Knife and will soon have these in Desert Tan Micarta, Olive Canvas Micarta and hopefully Black G10 in stock. I will also soon have the Basic Military made from Becut Stainless steel in stock!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

BMGmini G10 Grip Update...

The following WilkinsGRIP BMGmini G10 gripsets are back in stock and ready to roll:

• Olive/Black Layered
• Tan/Black Layered
• Sky Blue

In addition I also have new, layered color I'm calling Lava Flow which is dominate Black layered with Orange. I will be getting pics done this weekend but you're gonna Like it!

I also have a new run of Pale Green G11 with your choice of a Spacer machined from Hardcoat Black or Blood Red anodized Alu or Coyote Tan G11.

Swimming Pool Green G11 grips are SOLD OUT!! I still have no new supplier for the Swimming Pool Green material so these will be the last unless I find some more of that G11.

Here are the first pics of the NEW Lava Flow G10 ... Makes me want to take a vacation and visit Stromboli again!!