Wednesday, October 1, 2014

€99 Fixed Blades: Ryback Bushcrafter Carbon in 1.2519 Carbon Tool Steel

I finished up a couple more of these and decided to include them in the €99 sale.

The Ryback Bushcrafter carbon is a hand ground version of the regular Ryback Bushcrafter I've been selling for several years. The carbon version are made from a very high performance carbon tool steel often used by Smiths in forging high quality Damascus. These knives have a User Grade finish. The hollow grinds are finished with a belt and not with hours of hand sanding and the flats retain their texture from the hot rolling process. These are knives made to use at a price that won't wipe out your saving.

These knives are hand ground from German 1.2519 Carbon Tool Steel. Here is the composition of 1.2519, knives made from this steel are renowned for their fine cutting edge:

1.2519 Tool Steel at HRC59-60
C 1,10   Si 0,25   Mn 0,30   Cr 1,20   V 0,20   1,30 


Overall length: 225mm Blade: 110mm / approx. 100mm sharpened Steel thickness: 4.4mm
Blade Height: 30mm
Finish: Flats retain hot rolled texture, hollow grind belt-satin finished
Grips: Black Medium Textured G10, 15mm thick

If you'd like to order, please send me mail!