Saturday, April 27, 2013

New Run of BMGmini Grips in Alu

I expect to finish up a new small run of WilkinsGRIP BMGmini grips in Alu on Monday and get them out for anodizing next week.

I will do some in hardcoat black which folks always like and which wears very well due to the extreme durability of the coating.

I'm also gonna have some done in a color I haven't use before. I'm trying to decide between dark Prussian Blue or Coyote Tan (dark bronze). Which sounds better to you folks??

Drop me an email!!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Machine Suprises!

Well, we got the new Mini Mill hoked up and running last week. Only to get a big surprise: The spindle bearings on the 2001 Mini Mill are of the oil mist / compressed air variety. My TM1 Mill is very similiar to the Mini Mill, only it has packed grease spindle bearings ... no big deal, right? Wrong. The air mist bearing consume a LOT of compressed air. Way more than my compressors can deliver and burn out in a couple of days.

So I could either try and sell both of my compressors, shutting down all prouction until things got sorted and I managed to buy a screw-type compressor system (figure €4000 easily for that) or have the machine spindle from the Mini Mill overhauled and fitted with packed grease bearings.

I went for Door Number Two, spindle overhaul!

The rebuilt spindle is already back in the shop ready for the Haas Guy to come roud and install. I will be a couple of Grand lighter than I had planned after it's all over but hopefully the Mini Mill will be a' milling and a' makin' me some money!

That's The Plan...

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Haas Mini Mill has Landed, Part 2: Inside The Workshop!

The Rigger Mr. Heinz and his employee put the Haas Mini Mill into my workshop Tuesday morning. My neighbors the Carpenters (as in Hammer and Saw, not singers) took out the windows at 7am. Mr. Heinz arrived at about 7:30am and was done before Noon.

The window is 6.5 meters from the lower window sill to the parking lot below. The machine weighs just over 1.5 metric tons.

That is One Big Forklift they're using...

Photo 1: Future Home of ... sitting on these two steel I-Beams

Photo 2: Frank the Boss making sure nobody falls out...

 Photo 3: Window is History!

 Photo 4: Here she Comes. I removed the some parts so the forks would fit, we have a slight height clearance problem..

 Photo 5: Side views, please don't smash in through the bricks!

  Photo 6: View from inside

  Photo 7: If it don't fit, force it!

Photo 8: Go back down just a bit... STOP!

 Photo 9: And IN SHE Goes...

Photo 10:Now it can only fall through the floor if Mr. Heinz drops it!

  Photo 11: But he didn't drop it, he set it right down on the floor, wait get those wood blocks ready!

Photo 12: Here it is, Home Sweet Home

 Photo 13: Group Portrait, both Haas Milling machines side by side!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sunday Nite News

I can't believe how much crap I threw out of the workshop in the last few weeks. I'm sure I'll need most of it back by month's end... oh well.

I have a Sempuco Grinder for sharpening engravers for sale if anyone needs one. I want €200 for it including 19% VAT. It was made around 1950 but still works fine and includes holders for 3mm and 6mm tools, 4 grinding discs, one of which is diamond for sharpening carbide as well as the original German language instructions that came with the machine. The little guy weighs good bit and can only be shipped on a small palet. Drop me a line if you're interested!

Further News

The Riggers are going to bring the Haas Mini Mill in through the window this coming Tuesday. The workshop is basically closed until they're done. Monday I will be moving the remaining workbenches and the lathe out of the way.

I'll try and take some photos of the whole process if I'm not to much of a nervous wreck to aim the camera!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Desert Tan & Black Layered BMG minis are Shipping

Got the first few sets of the new WilkinsGRIP BMG minis in Desert Tan & Black layered G10 finished and ready to ship ... here's a couple of pics to prove it!

See the in stock page of my main site for order info!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

New BMG mini WilkinsGRIPs inbound

If "inbound" includes running on the machine in the next room! I should have the Olive & Black layered back in stock as well as some Desert Tan & Black layered ready to ship by Friday morning.

I will have to shoot pics of the Desert Tan & Black layered ones as these are the first Minis from that material I've done. The contrast looks really nice too.

I am still working on getting the new Mini Mill up into my shop. One machine Rigger was here today to give me a quote and the other comes tomorrow. I hope we can get it in here late next week, however the electrician will still have to come and check the power supply and then the Haas Tech will need to do the final set-up on the machine and fire it up. Ah, I mean start it up ... don't need no fire!

The 100mm I-Beams still need to be set in concrete, but I hope to do that tomorrow!