Sunday, July 29, 2012

Website Update!

I finally updated my main website to include the Mini Thorn Tactical, Basic Military Field Knife and the Steakout!. Each of these knives have their own page acessable from the fixed page. I will try and revamp the in stock page this week.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

WilkinsGRIP Update

The Titanium minis are sold out and I have only a few sets left in Swimming Pool Green.

I'm working on a surprise project in BMGmini catagory and hope to have those ready in the next 2 weeks.

I also have rounded up some G10 that is out being ground to thickness now and will doing more BMGmini and BMGx2 gripsets in August.

I placed a large order for black G10 recently and hope that will be ready in late August as well...

So it's not like I won't be busy!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

BMGmini Titanium are going fast ... and GONE!

These are all SOLD OUT!

The natural, bright finish is sold out and the others are almost gone... thank you everyone for the fantastic response!

I plan to make some WilkinsGRIP BMGx2 gripsets next, these will be made from textured black G10 and Swimming Pool Green G11!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

BMGmini Titanium Gripsets are Shipping

I'm finishing the WilkinsGRIP BMBmini Titanium gripsets I've been working on and they are ready to ship now. Most have the matt Grey Ghost finish but I've left a few that are just stone washed and left bright in case anybody prefers that. All gripsets are individually machined from Grade 2 Titanium and the spacers are machined from 6061 Alu with a Hardcoat anodized finish.

Price per Gripset is €178.50 (€150 for orders shipping outside the European Union)
Price is for the GRIPS ONLY the KNIFE is NOT included!
Postage is €7 inside Germany and €10 for most of the Rest of the World.

I only have a limited quantity on hand, so get while they're fresh!

The top 3 pics show grips with the Grey Ghost matt grey finish, the last pic at the bottow shows a gripset finished bright. Totally SOLD OUT!!

Photo above shows the Bright natural titanium finish.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Shop Lease Extension!

I have received a 1 year extension on the lease for my workshop from the new owners of the property! This means I can stay put through January 2014.

This is what we call GOOD NEWS.

Evidently the new owners have delayed their plans to kick everyone out and convert the commercial space into residential lofts. As far as we, the current tenants are concerned, they can delay those plans forever!

I'm really happy because I have not been able to locate any alternative location for my shop that was economically feasible. 

As many have noticed, I have been channeling my knifemaking efforts more and more in the direction of design and production of short run, manufactured knives where I do all the R&D as well as most of the production in-house and out source the blade grinding and heat treating. I am also spending more time making WilkinsGRIP products.

The reasons for these changes are simple: I really enjoy making small runs of knives and offering buyers top quality cutlery at prices that remain affordable. I cannot do this making one knife at a time and call the endeavor a "business." 

I hope and plan to expand into offering short run, manufactured folding knives in the near future.

All of these projects require my investing a good deal of money to realize each project. I'm also still designing the knives, coordinating all phases of production, standing at the machines for many of them myself, marketing and selling all products, packing and taking every package to the Post office myself and making sure the books are in order. Doing things this way, your week fills up really fast. (I'm writing this Saturday morning and as soon as I'm done, I'll be packing packages and doing a Post run.)

I do see this type of operation as being the key to survival in the knifemaking "business." I do not see making individual, custom knives as a viable business for myself. I tried. It did not work out. Great hobby. Terrible business.

I will still be making some individual, hand ground knives and selling them from stock. I do not expect to begin taking custom orders in the foreseeable future – unless I were to increase the prices many fold, which I really can't see doing.

Many thanks go out to all the customers and friends who have taken the time to write and express their support for me and my work while I've been dealing with all these lease woes. And of course thanks to everyone of you who have bought stuff! To have a business, you got's to have income! 

I hope now to use the coming year and a half to build up my business to the point where I can actually afford to pay rent on a new shop – if I have to move after the current lease is up. Hey, who knows, I might even be able to Hire Somebody to work for me! Or at least get somebody to go to the Post Office and stand in line for me...

Thursday, July 12, 2012

More News

Looks like the next WilkinsGRIPs up will be BMGminis made from Swimming Pool Green G11 and small run made from Burnt Orange G11 – which is a new type (and color) I haven't seen before.

I will then begin working on the Titanium Minis which should be up after those are done.

I also have two Leafstorm folders about done and should be posting those for sale this weekend!

Added Note: I cannot pre-reserve, pre-order, pre-sell, give first refusal rights on things I'm planning or working on. If I did this, most people would never get a cance to buy anything and I'd spend hours and hours trying to chase down all the pre-buyers who no-showed on me etc etc etc. When I have something for sale, I post it for sale. Before I post it, I don't sell it. Thanks for your understanding!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Grey Ghost Titanium Gripsets are Gone!

100% Sold Out! Many thanks for the fantastic response!

This modified Product was not manufactured by Benchmade Knife Company, Inc.