WilkinsGRIPs & Knives: User Pics

I get quite a few pics from owners of WilkinsGRIP products and the many knives I've made over the years.

If you have photos of a Wilkins Knife or WilkinsGRIP you'd like to share, please email them to me and include permission for me to publish them here on my blog. I will not use your name and will remove your pics at any time should you request it.

Folks! Keep those pics coming in! It may take me a few days to post 'em, but I'll get 'em up there!!

Here's a Basic Military in a custom leather sheath made by Lederschmiede Untermain here in Germany,

Next up are two BMG mini gripsets from two differrent owners, both in Grey Ghost Titanium installed on Ritter Griptilians.

A Tan & Black Layered G10 WilkinsGRIP BMG X2 witha polished clip.

A Dark Coyote Alu BMGmini gripset installed on a special knife with a name engraved on the blade – I blurred the last name to protect the owner's privacy.

Olive & Black Layered G10 on a bed of grass!

 The following 3 pics are from a guy who has a bunch of Griptilians!

Here's a Mini with a custom Damascus blade! (The blade isn't from me, looks great though!)

This is one of my all-time favorite pics. The Mytuko Mini is being used to chop an eggplant during a bicycle trip taken by the user through the Andes Mountains. This shot was taken near Laguna del Inca.

Three pics of a brand new WilkinsGRIP D4 in Yellow & Black Layered G10 – I really like the detail pic showing the spacer!

An Alu WilkinsGRIP D4 resting in a tree ;-)

Both sides of a Limited Edition Mini Grip with Pale Green G11 BMGmini grips.

A pair of BMGminis, one black alu one black G10!

 A WilkinsGRIP BMGmini in Pale Green G11 with a user-installed lanyard.

A couple of pics of a BMG mini in Lava Flow!

Next: A couple of a BMG mini in Desert Tan & Black Layered G10 with a nice Custom Clip

Here's one of the first WilkinsGRIPs! This set has been in daily use in Alaska since July 7, 2009!

Below are 2 shots of a BMGmini Intense Blue gripset.

Here's a shot of one of the first WilkinsGRIP D4 gripsets installed by the customer here in Germany.