Thursday, April 18, 2013

Haas Mini Mill has Landed, Part 2: Inside The Workshop!

The Rigger Mr. Heinz and his employee put the Haas Mini Mill into my workshop Tuesday morning. My neighbors the Carpenters (as in Hammer and Saw, not singers) took out the windows at 7am. Mr. Heinz arrived at about 7:30am and was done before Noon.

The window is 6.5 meters from the lower window sill to the parking lot below. The machine weighs just over 1.5 metric tons.

That is One Big Forklift they're using...

Photo 1: Future Home of ... sitting on these two steel I-Beams

Photo 2: Frank the Boss making sure nobody falls out...

 Photo 3: Window is History!

 Photo 4: Here she Comes. I removed the some parts so the forks would fit, we have a slight height clearance problem..

 Photo 5: Side views, please don't smash in through the bricks!

  Photo 6: View from inside

  Photo 7: If it don't fit, force it!

Photo 8: Go back down just a bit... STOP!

 Photo 9: And IN SHE Goes...

Photo 10:Now it can only fall through the floor if Mr. Heinz drops it!

  Photo 11: But he didn't drop it, he set it right down on the floor, wait get those wood blocks ready!

Photo 12: Here it is, Home Sweet Home

 Photo 13: Group Portrait, both Haas Milling machines side by side!