Thursday, April 25, 2013

Machine Suprises!

Well, we got the new Mini Mill hoked up and running last week. Only to get a big surprise: The spindle bearings on the 2001 Mini Mill are of the oil mist / compressed air variety. My TM1 Mill is very similiar to the Mini Mill, only it has packed grease spindle bearings ... no big deal, right? Wrong. The air mist bearing consume a LOT of compressed air. Way more than my compressors can deliver and burn out in a couple of days.

So I could either try and sell both of my compressors, shutting down all prouction until things got sorted and I managed to buy a screw-type compressor system (figure €4000 easily for that) or have the machine spindle from the Mini Mill overhauled and fitted with packed grease bearings.

I went for Door Number Two, spindle overhaul!

The rebuilt spindle is already back in the shop ready for the Haas Guy to come roud and install. I will be a couple of Grand lighter than I had planned after it's all over but hopefully the Mini Mill will be a' milling and a' makin' me some money!

That's The Plan...