Saturday, March 23, 2013

Weekend Update!

I spent most of last week organizing the shop and throwing stuff out. Must be about 500+ pounds of old steel scrap downstairs now ready for the scrap heap.

I'll be selling my Sympuco engraver sharpening machine too, as I have never really used it.

If I don't need it, its got to go!

Kinda refreshing too, I gues the last big clean up was 6 years ago when the first Haas mill was delivered. I guess I better buy a new, big machine every 5 years just so I'll throw stuff out.

It remains cold here but at least no more snow, so hopefully the transpost of the Mini Mill can go ahead as planned next Tuesday and I'll have it here in Berlin on Wednesday. With a bit of lusk and some more moving stuff around, maybe I can get it upstairs by mid-April?

Looks like folks have returned to my website and I really appreciate it! That outage of almost 6 weeks really hurt my sales as you can imagine. The US$ has gained almost 10% against the Euro in the last couple of weeks – this makes it less expensive for customers from the USA to buy stuff from me. Take that as a Hint!

I doubt I will get to any knife or grip making next week. All my time will most likely go to organizing and moving tasks. I will of course still be shipping orders!