Friday, March 8, 2013

Lots of Friday News!

Increased Production Capacity

This week I purchased a Haas Mini Mill vertical machining center to keep my Haas TM1 company. The Mini Mill is several years old but indications are that it still has quite a few more productive years ahead. I sure hope so.

The new machine will allow me to increase my production capacity because two machines are better than one! The Mini Mill has an automatic tool changer which my TM1 lacks. The tool changer will allow me to push "start" and not have to stand there manually changing every tool. I hope to be able to continue making parts on the TM1 while the Mini Mill is churning away.

It will be several weeks before the machine arrives and is actually installed in my shop. It weighs in at around 1500 kilos and will have to be put through the window which is 6.5 meters above the ground.

I may be crazy for buying this thing ... I reckon time will tell!

WilkinsGRIP News

I am considering doing a large than usual run of WilkinsGRIP BMG X2 grip sets in anodized aluminum which would allow me to sell them at the same price as the G10 grip sets (€120 for non-EU sales). Before I invest in all the Alu and work ... who would be interested in some large Alu grips at that price??

Drop me an email with "I want Alu grips" in the subject and let me know what colors you would like. I would certainly do Hardcoat black and the dark, Blood Red so many folks like. But what other colors? I find usually darker colors look better than lighter colors in anodized Alu parts. I think a dark green would be good or maybe a Coyote Tan?? Give me some feedback!

Leafstorm Folders

I am working on some Leafstorm Folders which will be for sale from stock as soon as they are done. All will have S30V stainless blades. That is all the info I have right now.