Sunday, April 1, 2012

On Any Given Sunday...

I have things sorted regarding spare grips for the Mini Thorn Tactical fixed blades. I will now be selling Spare Grips! Grips come in matched pairs - duh - and include the 4 screws and 2 threaded inserts needed to attach them to your knife. You'll need a small Allen wrench or Torx driver to remove and attach the grips scales.

Obviously, be careful not to cut yourself! Tape up the sharp blade before you begin.

Currently I have the following grips in stock for sale:

• Black textured G10: €32.13 for non-EU sales: €27
• Orange Smoth G10: €32.13 for non-EU sales: €27
• Toxic Green Acetate: €32.13 for non-EU sales: €27
• See Through pale Orange Acetate: €32.13 for non-EU sales: €27
• Cocobolo Wood: €45.22 for non-EU sales: €38