Sunday, March 25, 2012

New Grips for Mini Thorn Tactical Series

I have two new Grips colors in stock for the Mini Thorn Tactical series. First up is Pale Orange Translucent acetate. You can see through the grips! They look like Gummi Bears. Just don't use acetone to clean these .... acetate does NOT like acetone. Also don't eat 'em! They look like Gummi Bears but they taste like plastic.

To celebrate finally buying a membership on the USN Forum: Toxic Green acetate grips! Both Pale Orange and Toxic Green feature milled grooves for added traction. Acetate is very grippy – it's the stuff glasses frames are made of – and sort of self polishing. It's not very heat resistant so don't leave these grips in the oven.

Price on these knives remains €124.95 (€105 for non-EU sales) plus shipping which is €7 for Germany and €10 for most of the Rest of the World. Ask when ordering for your exact shipping costs.

Supplies on both of these are very limited. Depending on customer reaction, I may be able to obtain more of these materials ... or maybe not. Currently I am only able to offer the grips installed on a new knife. In the future I hope to offer the grips alone to allow knife owners to swap out their grips as desired.

Get 'em while they're fresh!