Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tuesday Update

I know I haven't been posting much in the last weeks but I have been working on a lot of product!

I now have WilkinsGRIP BMGmini grips in stock in smooth black G10.

I have updated the in stock page of my website to finally show the great Kydex Slip Sheaths I have for the Mini Thorn Tactical series. I also have Spyderco Gclips which perfectly fit these sheaths if you want to belt carry the knife.

I will be offering all future Kydex sheaths to fit the Gclip. Spyderco's product is very compact while still allowing the knife to be carried on a belt that is up to 42mm wide. The hole pattern on the Gclip is the same as for the Mini Teklock (1" center to center) so it is very useful all around the carry game.

I have the last of the Mytuko Minis ready as well. I will be putting these up for sale as soon as te pics are done. There are two versions: Lemon and Lime.

The Ryback Bushcrafter family also has a new member: The Bushcrafter Lemon.

And last but not least, I am finishing a new run of HTevolutions with pale green G11 grips!

I addition to all that, I am in production with both the Military Utility knife AND the Steak Out Crossover. I should have the first examples of the Military for sale in early April.

I've also been looking at new shop spaces but so far, nothing has worked out.