Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sunday Status Update

WilkinsGRIP News:
Swimming Pool Green BMG X2 grips for all large Griptilian Folders are in stock and selling fast. Get a set before they're gone!

Swimming Pool Green WilkinsGRIP BMG mini grips are in the works right now. I hope to be able to deliver the first ones end of the coming week, a lot will depend on when the anodizers finish the last batch of spacers.

Workshop Relocation News:
I am still looking like mad for a new space. One option does look promising, one or two others are long shots that might be doable. The rents are the main hurdle. I just can't swing the asking price on many spaces – which also have rent increases built into the leases so that they start out too high and get a lot worse over time.

If anyone out there knows of any industrial space in Berlin for rent, drop me a line! It cannot be a store front or located in a residential building. I need 80-120 square meters with industrial power and accessible for heavy machinery – either at ground level, through a large freight elevator or through a window with a crane.

Also, if anyone out there would be interested in buying my Haas CNC milling machines and / or other machinery, drop me a line. I don't plan on selling them yet, but if all efforts at relocation fail, I will be forced to do so in early 2014.