Thursday, July 12, 2012

More News

Looks like the next WilkinsGRIPs up will be BMGminis made from Swimming Pool Green G11 and small run made from Burnt Orange G11 – which is a new type (and color) I haven't seen before.

I will then begin working on the Titanium Minis which should be up after those are done.

I also have two Leafstorm folders about done and should be posting those for sale this weekend!

Added Note: I cannot pre-reserve, pre-order, pre-sell, give first refusal rights on things I'm planning or working on. If I did this, most people would never get a cance to buy anything and I'd spend hours and hours trying to chase down all the pre-buyers who no-showed on me etc etc etc. When I have something for sale, I post it for sale. Before I post it, I don't sell it. Thanks for your understanding!