Sunday, June 21, 2015

5 new WilkinsGRIP BMG minis in stock!

I finally finished a new run of four types of WilkinsGRIP BMG mini grips!

These are:

• Swimming Pool Green translucent G11

• Frozen Margarita pale green translucent G11

• Whisky Sour pale yellow translucent G11

• Glass Coyote translucent G11 (This color is a perfect match for Coyote tactical web gear)

• Round Midnight Blue & Black layered G10 (Had some folks asking about these coming back and I found enough material to make a very few new sets.)

These are all up on the grips in stock page of my website and are ready to ship. Price remains unchanged from past runs at €95 each for orders shipping outside the EU. EU buyers must add 19% German VAT.

Other WilkinsGRIP News

I will not be making anymore WilkinsGRIP products in Alu. When current stocks are sold, that will be that.

I will also be reducing the number of colors offered in G10 / G11. The costs involved in trying out and maintaining so many colors has just become not worth it.