Saturday, April 11, 2015

Been Sick as a Dog ...

This year is something. As many already know, I lost my Dad in February and even though he was 82, it was still unexpected. I'm still not near over it but have been back in Berlin cranking on the newest grips and knives and trying to get my business back on track since mid-March.

On the 4th of April, last Saturday, I started feeling really sick and my throat hurt so bad on Sunday that I went to the Emergency Room. They treated me and gave me an antibiotic script and told me to see my ENT Doc Tuesday. I did and he diagnosed it as more viral than bacteria... anyway, my fever hit 103 F Tuesday evening (39.5 C). My wife and I got it down – mostly she did, I was bonkers – and went to the hospital where they said, yeah that can happen with those viral infections.

Anyway, the 9th was my birthday and the first day without fever last week. I saw the ENT Dr. again Thursday and he took cultures for the lab and said maybe what I have is influenza. Blood test in the hospital had been OK but this is way tougher than the usual sinus infection / scratchy throat thing that tends to devil me.

To make a long story short: I have been really, really sick and in bed since last weekend. I think I am on the mend now but it will be middle of the coming week before I can even think about driving to the workshop. I know, I don't need this shit. I don't. Certainly not right after my Dad's death.

I have tried to keep up on email but if I missed you, try me again this coming week.

I have the first small run of the new WilkinsGRIPs for the Spyderco Endure ready, if I can get well enough to get them cleaned and packaged and pics up.

I have had some incredibly comforting mail from customers/friends over the last weeks, many very unexpected but all deeply appreciated. I really appreciate everyone's support and understanding in the last difficult months. I hope to get this flu-whatever-it-is behind me and move forward asap.