Friday, June 20, 2014

New Steampunk 2014 Grips are Shipping

Finally got the first of the new 2014 BMG X2 Steampunk grips ready to ship.

Like the first edition, these are machined from solid brass with inlayed windows. I made quite a few changes to these grips from the first run. The window inlays are now secured with 4 screws for a more secure fit and I added a row of serrations to the underside of the grips because ... they look cool.

These grips have been electro chemically blackened using an industrial process and then I have polished back the edges to highlight the details and give the entire grip a sort of worn, 19th Century machine tool look.

The grips are available with your choice of a Bocote Wood or transparent pale yellow/orange acetate  inlay. You will need to bend your pocket clip to adjust the tension when installing these.

I like these better than the first run, but then I always do. In any case, I hope you all like 'em too!

Price per 2014 Steampunk BMG X2 Gripset:
€202.30 for European Union Sales
€170 for Sales shipping outside the European Union (USA & Canada for example)
Shipping is extra, but €12.50 takes care of shipping to Most Countries and €7 does it inside Germany

Enjoy the pics!