Saturday, May 17, 2014

Weekend Update

Things are starting to roll in the new Workshop!

This week I have been working on a new run of Steampunk V2 BMG X2 grips in a new, updated design. I have had a lot of folks asking about these and I think they will be worth the wait. ETA (hopefully) around 14 days.

I'm also doing a new run of Orange and Black layered G10 BMG minis. I called the first ones Lava Flow but since then I have discovered that name was already used for another material. So from now on, I will just be calling them Lava to avoid confusion ... hopefully that name isn't taken too!

New runs of BMG minis in Coarse Black G10 and Smooth Black G10 are also in progress. I'm thinking of doing some of these with Red G10 Spacers ... does that sound like a good idea? One thing about moving the shop: I had to go through everything getting organized and found a sheet of Coarse Black G10 I had totally forgotten!

I also have a few BMG minis in a very dark Blue and Black Layered G10 on the bench. This is a new color combo for me, so I am looking forward to seeing them myself!

Military Olive and Black Layered G10 BMG minis are coming veery soon to!

I also posted a new (and last for now) BMG X2 Black Alu Inlayed gripset on my main website. This one has a Medium Textured Black G10 inlay. Here's a pic!