Sunday, April 6, 2014

The New Workshop! First Pics After the Move.

If I never carry another box filled with heavy tooling, it will be too soon.

But ... The Move is finally over. All my stuff is out of the old space and set up in the new one. I still have a lot of organizing to do - the new workshop is twice as large (160 m2) as the old one and a lot newer and cleaner. In the new shop I have a bathroom with a shower and a small kitchen. The kitchen isn't quite operational yet but the coffee machine works! I also bought an older, giant, used stainless sink like they used to have in restaurants and installed it in the main work area to use for parts washing and all manner of dirty work. I've wanted one of those for years.

I have two new workbenches coming next week. They will be rollable, so I can move things from workstation to station easier than carrying boxes. I also bought 6 meters of new steel shelving where each shelf will carry 235 kilos.

The new shop has an office and fine assembly area at the front which can be closed off from the rest of the shop when the machines are running or to help keep dust from getting into everything.

So now here are some casual pics. The Naked Truth - or something very close.

The first photo below shows the new shop space during the renovation. Yikes! You should have seen it when I rented it. It was really bad then. Now, it looks great. New floor, new electric, etc. etc.

This is what that corner looks like now! (pic below)