Saturday, April 26, 2014

New BMG X2 Gripsets are on the Way

I finished a new run of WilkinsGRIP BMG X2 gripsets machined from Alu and brought them in for anodizing this week. A bunch will be Hardcoat Black which have been sold out for a while and folks have been asking about.

A test run are being anodized in a clearcoat pocess which should leave the natural Alu color unchanged while still providing wear and corrosion protection. I hope these will look cool!

I also did a small run with side inlay pockets like the inlayed titanium grips I have been offering for a while. These will all be Hardcoat Black anodized and I am still trying to decide what type of inlays to make. These will be less expensive than the Titanium ones and also not as heavy. Anybody got any ideas for inlays?

I will be doing new runs of G10 grips as quickly as possible. I had hoped to get a proper dust collection system for the milling machines, but after the move, the money just isn't there to invest. So I will be setting up my old M-Class filtered vacuums asap.

Thanks for everyone's support during the whole move, I'm spending less time looking for stuff and more time making stuff, so things are going in the right direction.