Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Eagle(s) Have Landed ... along with a lot of other stuff

Mr. Heinz and his employee got all of my big machines moved into the new shop last week. We have had fantastic weather in Berlin lately, so of course come moving day, it rained. But a little water can't hurt a Haas machine! They're from California and grew up surfing. I think.

Anyway, here are some pics and bad commentary for your viewing pleasure. I was a nervous wreck. I admit that. The lower sill of the window out of which the machines are being brought is 6.5 meters from the ground. Do you blame me?

Here are the two Haas CNC milling machines waitin' on a taxi.

Looking out the hole in the wall where the windows used to be... Gentlemen, your taxi has arrived!

The TM1 went first. Mr. Heinz used heavy slings and hooks to attach the machines to the forks of the giant forklift. He has been moving machines for a long time, still when a 3000 pound machine is hanging outside the window...

Here's Johnny! Both machines were a really tight fit through the window and Mr. Heinz' employee kept shouting instructions down to Mr. Heinz who was operating the forklift. Up! Down! Back! STOP! Did I mention I was a nervous wreck?

 Down it comes! Easy does it!

Here's everybody downstairs and loaded onto the truck. My surface grinder, bandsaw and big drill press were also too heavy for me to move alone.

And here they all are, safely inside the new ground floor shop! I'm not ever going to be locating my workshop in an upper storey again.

I still have to get the machines back in service and stow away all the gear. Fist thing tomorrow I will order some new shelving...