Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Beat Goes On...

Spent the 10 days since my last post moving around 6.000 kilos of stuff over to the new shop ... reminds me of that old joke: "I just flew in from Cleveland and boy, are my arms tired."

I'm pretty sure I could do without about a quearter of the stuff I moved. I just can't figure out which quarter. So I moved it all.

My electrician finished the electrical installation this past week, so I have both 220V and 400V power in the new place. The toilet also works now! Always a plus.

Next wednesday the Rigger (Mr. Heinz) will move the 2 Haas CNC machines as well as the other machines that are too damn heavy to move myself. I will be sure and take some pics to post here.

I hope to be able to begin halfway normal operation in the new shop by mid-April. In the meantime, I am continuing to sell grips and knives from stock... don't hesitate to buy something!