Sunday, December 1, 2013

Good News at Thanksgiving Time

What better time to have some Good News than at Thanksgiving?

I have located a new space for my workshop and after some negotiation, the lease is signed! I don't know how many places I looked at, heard about, tried to find out about ... but I only needed one and I'm very happy with the new space. The rent is double what I was paying but the space is larger too. The owners are doing some considerable renovations after which I will be having an electrician run new electric and laying lines for compressed air, painting and whatever else I find money for. The Move should take place in early Spring 2014. I expect I will effectively shut down production for 4-6 weeks around the time of the move. Riggers will move the heavy machines, but I will have a lot of other stuff to pack, sort and try and see what I can throw out.

Obvioulsy, this is a great relief right here before Christmas. I would like to thank everyone who has written and encouraged me over the past months. I really appreciate it!

On the Product Side:
I will have the first WilkinsGRIP BMG X2 Titanium grips ready next week. I will also be introducing a new design variation in Titanium featuring inlays on both sides. These should be ready in another 10 days ... just in time for Christmas! ;-)

I will be posting pics asap!