Saturday, November 16, 2013

Make SURE your email address works when writing me!

One problem that comes up more often than you might think goes like this:
  • I get an email from someone wanting to buy something or with a product question.
  • I replay to their email.
  • My reply bounces as undeliverable.
  • I try again. Ditto. Bounces again.
  • I start getting email from the person who wrote asking why I don't answer their email... from the same email account that bounces.
  • I try again. Bounces again.
  • This goes on for while, wasting a lot of time and costing me a customer.
The thing is, if your email won't work, I cannot answer your email!

I also cannot write to say, Hey, your damn emali is broken, try another account.

This seems to happen a lot from accounts coming from

So if John from California is reading this right now... get a gmail account!