Sunday, June 23, 2013

Ryback Series 2 Closeout Sale

I am finishing up the last batch of Ryback Series 2 Kitchen Knives and when current stock is sold, I will not be making anymore. Buyers love the knives and I have had a substantial number of repeat customers. However I simply do not have the funds and marketing resources needed to produce kitchen cutlery at a price point where I can get the knives into retail stores. Stores want at least a 50% discount and it takes a lot of time and money to promote and advertise the knives in magazines. The big cutlery manufacturers can offer all kinds of sales aids and displays I can only dream of producing.

So it's bye bye kitchen cutlery. Now is the time to get a Ryback Series 2 at a very attractive sale price. See the knives in stock page of my website for details.

I have a few of the Ryback Carbon blanks left and am considering finishing and selling them as well. Another lesson learned: Folks talk about carbon steel kitchen knives a lot but only a very few actually buy carbon steel kitchen knives.

The last of the fantastic Ryback Damascus Knives are still available at a super price too. These knives are made from Balbach DSC Damascus  and cut as good as they look.

Additionally, stocks are running very low on Ryback Bushcrafters. I will not be producing these again in this form at this price.

If anyone would be interested in licensing the Ryback design for larger series production, please contact me! There is a market for these knives if you have the resources to reach it.