Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Good Selection of WilkinsGRIP BMG x2 Grips in stock

I currently have WilkinsGRIP BMGx2 gripsets for all large Griptilian folders in stock and ready to ship. On hand are:
  • Ranger Green G10
  • Lemon Yellow G11
  • Orange G10
  • Swimming Pool Green G11
The Swimming Pool G11 is the last of that material I have and my supplier can no longer deliver it, so if you want Swimming Pool Gren grips, don't wait until they're all gone like some folks did with the minis... I also do not have anymore Ranger Green or Orange G10 and will have obtain more material from the USA before making these colors again too.

I have a large project starting shortly that will require most of my time in November and keep me away from the shop. I do not expect to be able to produce any more product before December, unless everything else goes really, really well. Just saying...