Tuesday, July 12, 2011

New Leafstorms for Sale!


I'm calling the first knife a Leafstorm V.5. The blade is a version 5 ground from Balbach random carbon Damascus. The grips and spacer are version 6 with an integral lanyard hole passing through only one grip scale to avoid problems with the pocket clip.

The V.5 knife is shown above and a Leafstorm VI below. The differences in blade profile are evident in the pic.

Now a couple more pics of the Leafstorm V.5. The knife has an orange G10 spacer, stonewashed stainless clip and the grips are fire anodized, mostly bronze but fading out to blue / purple toward the spacer.

Next up is the very first Leafstorm VI. The new version features an integral lanyard hole, pale green G11 spacer as well as a slightly re-profiled blade. I wanted a tad more cutting edge. This blade is made from laminated Damascus forged from 3 types of carbon tool steel. 1.2842 (O2), 1,2519 and 75Ni8. In any case, it's a very nice, rustic looking steel that cuts like a champ.

Here's a few more pics of the Leafstorm VI...

I will be finishing some more Leafstorm VI in the coming weeks. A few more with laminated blades as well as some with S30V and M2 HSS blades! Stay tuned to this channel. :-)